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Available Services

Animal Communication

Through animal communication, Shannon is able to help provide answers to behavioral, nutritional, physical and emotional issues to help create a more harmonious living arrangement for animals and their humans. She has witnessed the transformation of many animals (including her own) by communicating with the animal and doing a medical intuitive scan, it has literally saved their lives by knowing what next steps to take. She also communicates with animals and their humans to help them both prepare for the animal’s passing and connects people with their beloved pets after they have crossed over.

Animal Energy Healing

She has been able to assist many animals with both physical and emotional issues, by using energy healing work in various modalities, such as Scalar Wave healing, and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT tapping on animals and their humans).
Recently she has completed several courses in animal Acupressure with Dr. Jill Todd DVM
Shannon is also certified in Healing Touch Level 1, and in Level 1 Chakra Awakening Using Cyrstals, Colors and Aromatherapy. She likes to combine several techniques, if needed, based on the animals situation.

Animal Nutrition Guidance

Looking at our animal’s diet, toxic exposure, environment and surroundings, medications, and water sources, are key components in unlocking some of the physical and health issues we face today with our pets. Shannon is a CPNC -Certified Pet Nutrition Coach. Animal nutrition can be a complex and confusing area, and Shannon is always learning and staying on top of current information so that she is able to assist you in ways to have a healthier, happier pet. She can help you simplify the process of choosing the right food, and supplements to improve health and longevity. She is also able to help with information on how your animal feels, after making changes, through animal medical intuition.


About Me

Shannon is a Certified Animal Communicator, Animal Energy Healer, and Teacher

Through Animal Communication she can provide answers to behavioral, physical, nutritional, and emotional issues to help create a more harmonious environment for animals and their humans. When called for, Shannon also loves to use EFT tapping and/or Scalar wave energy healing. She also communicates with animals and their humans to help them both prepare for the animal’s passing and assists people in connecting with their beloved pets after they have crossed over.

What My Clients Say

I have had the honor and pleasure of knowing Shannon for about 16 years. She is not only an wonderful, knowledgeable and compassionate animal communicator, her wealth of knowledge on proper feeding, energy healing and medical intuition have been an enormous help with my herd of over 30 companion animals, most of them rescues where I do not know their history.  

Many times during a communication on the phone and working on one of my animals, I have actually seen that specific animal relax, yawn, stretch and move to what she is doing distantly. It is truly awe inspiring to see firsthand. I can honestly say that I am beyond thankful and grateful for her knowledge, expertise and kind and gentle ways.

Anyone who has utilized her skills when it comes to animal communication, will come away with so much more than they thought possible.

Carolyn English, FL

I cannot begin to say enough good things about Shannon and her work with my dogs. Most recently, she has been helping me with my dog Samarah, who was diagnosed with “that which I shall not name”, and initially helped me (and therefore me to be able to better support her) with EFT tapping, to help me deal with the emotions of fear around the impending and eventually revealed diagnosis, and transmute them into positive feelings about the great life that my dog has and how I could continue to help her enjoy a fantastic and supported life as she and I continued on our healing and life journey together.  Complementing these sessions Shannon has helped with animal communication, providing information that is invaluable with regard to my care of Samarah. Shannon provides all of her sessions and services with tremendous care and compassion, as well as accuracy and effectiveness, and has been a godsend to Samarah and myself during a time that could have been far more stressful. Shannon  has helped me feel very supported throughout this process and I am grateful to her expertise and care.

Cassandra K, MD

I wanted to take a moment to say thank you so very much for the Energy Health session with Leia last week!  It was truly amazing to hear how my cat was feeling about different issues.  The things you knew about her without me saying anything were incredible   Your insights to her other behaviors was also incredible – especially to hear that one of her very favorite things is laying next to my other cat, Jasmine.  She does this all the time but I didn’t realize why.   

Your help for the limping, I contacted you about, was wonderful and the chakra balancing and Scalar Wave you did had an immediate effect on her.  After a 15 minute nap when the session was over, Leia went running around the house to show off how fast she can run and then was jumping up to the top of her cat tree showing off her leaping skills.  Since then she has continued showing more playfulness and a certain lightheartedness that I have not seen in awhile.

Cyndi Meyer, AZ

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