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Animal Communication

What to expect during the animal communication: Shannon will get quiet and connect with your animal(s) and do an animal medical intuition scan. Afterwards, she will share what she received and then you are free to ask any questions you many have. She is able to help provide answers to behavioral, nutritional, physical and emotional issues to help create a more harmonious living arrangement for animals and their humans. She has witnessed the transformation of many animals by communicating with the animal and doing a medical intuitive scan, it has literally saved their lives by knowing what next steps to take.

  • If your beloved has crossed over, Shannon is able to, and deeply loves to reconnect people with their animal family, after they have crossed over rainbow bridge. This can be so healing for the human in such a difficult time.

For 1 to 2 animals a 30 min. session is good. For either an animal communication plus energy healing, or for 3, up to 4 animals, an hour is required.,

Cost for Sessions:
30 Minute Session $90.00
60 Minute Session $175.00

Scalar Energy Healing

Bioscalar Healing Sessions are very effective and can be done remotely or they may be conducted in person (if available, within a certain distance). 

Bioscalar Wave energy healing method, is a process of accessing the Source of Energy that directly influences all body tissue and focusing it for a specific healing purpose. This standing wave of energy holds so much more power than the chaos energy in the cells, going on in the body.

I have successfully utilized this form of energy healing for over 15 years. It has helped thousands of animals in one form or another, and allows for healing where ever it is most needed in the animals body. I have seen great results in the areas of pain relief, easing horse colic, relaxing nervous animals, assisting healing in animals with kidney issues, heart or lung issues, pancreatic issues, arthritis, pre and post surgery, digestive issues, and many other health concerns and “dis-eased” states.

All beings are energy and working on balancing the energy field, in and around the body, can create amazing results.  There is no guarantee of complete healing, but it has provided much needed comfort and relief, even during times when an animal is ready to cross over.

During the first session, I use a combination of Animal Communication with a medical intuitive scan. I will then ground the animal, clear the electromagnetic field, balance the chakra system, and bring in Bio-Scalar Wave energy for the opportunity for healing and relaxation. On a follow up session, I will get a quick update on the animal, and then begin the session, and then call you directly after to briefly review any information from the session.

Cost For Sessions:
1st session must include animal communication-1 hr. $175.00
30 Minute Follow up Sessions $85
Package of 3 -30 Min. follow up sessions $240 ($80 each, use sessions within 45 days)

Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping)

During the EFT (emotional freedom technique) session we will formulate a custom tapping script for both the human and animals and tap through acupressure points to help relieve the emotions being held by the being.

I have used EFT and had success with several emotional & behavioral issues, like fear of noises, fear of going places, horses who have dangerous behaviors for the farrier or vet, cats who don’t get along, grief after a loss in the household, trauma after dogs fighting, trauma after a diagnosis, sudden behavioral changes in animals that have no physical diagnosis.

I can do sessions over the phone, however, since we will do EFT as well, that portion of the session we will need to be on a zoom or FB Msg video, so I can show you the Tapping points.  If we are unable to tap directly on the animal that is okay. We can tap on a photo, in the air or I can use one of my animals as a surrogate. All the methods work very well. EFT requires at least 2 or more sessions and it’s good to space them apart for a few days so you can see the progress. It’s also important to allow for time to see modification and improvement in one behavior, before we work on another underlying behavior. Both animals and humans need time to process.

Cost For Sessions:
1st session must include 30 minute animal communication session -75 min. $211
45 Minute Follow up Session $122
Package of 3 -45 Min. follow up sessions $333 ($111 each-use sessions within 45 days))

Animal Nutrition

Looking at our animal’s diet, toxic exposure, environment and surroundings, medications, and water sources, are key components in unlocking some of the physical and health issues we face today with our pets. This can be a complex and confusing area, and Shannon is always learning and staying on top of current information so that she is able to assist you in ways to have a healthier, happier pet. She can help you simplify the process of choosing the right food, supplement, and other animal care products.  She is a Certified Human Health Coach and was on the board of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.  She completed her Canine Nutrition Certification and is also a Certified Pet Nutrition Coach (CPNC) through the North American Veterinary Community.  And, she has completed the following classes with Dr. Rob Silver DVM: CBD and Medicinal Mushrooms for Pets, Healing Your Dog’s Gut, Skin & Allergies Holistically.  She attends DVM, Dr. Grognet’s, Holistic Cat Window, live monthly classes.  She has studied with Dr. Golob since 2005 and continues to take classes to more fully understand equine health and nutrition, which she has used for 19+ years on her own horses as well.
She knows just like with humans, there isn’t a one size fits all so to speak approach to health and nutrition. And she is able through an animal communication session and medical intuitive scan to provide additional information on your animals physical and emotional well-being, that may help in choosing a holistic approach to improving their health. 
Cost For Sessions:
1 Hour Comprehensive session - $175.00
Shannon foryouranimalshealth animal communication

Comprehensive 60 Min. Session

Not sure which of the services to start with? Choose the Comprehensive 60 Min. Session.
This session includes:

The Content on this website, is not intended to be a substitute for professional veterinarian advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your holistic veterinarian with any questions you may have regarding the medical condition of your pet. Never disregard professional advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on this website. Also, sessions with Shannon are not a substitute for medical diagnosis and treatment. If you are concerned about your pet’s health please contact your veterinarian right away, for proper care.

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