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Shannon Myers

When Passion and Purpose Come Together

Shannon is an Animal Communicator and Animal Energy Healer, and Teacher. She has been helping animals of all kinds, from dog, cats, and horses to farm animals, birds and even a snake, professionally since 2010. Animals have always been a main theme of Shannon’s life!  It is her mission to improve the health and well-being of all animals and enhance the relationship between humans and their animal family.

Through Animal Communication Shannon can provide answers to behavioral, physical, nutritional, and emotional issues to help create a more harmonious living arrangement for animals and their humans. She has witnessed the transformation of many animals (including her own) by communicating with the animal about their health issues and has Improved their lives by knowing what steps to take through, nutrition, energy work, using EFT tapping and Scalar wave, to name a few.  

Shannon also communicates with animals and their humans, and uses energy healing to provide comfort for the animal, to help them both prepare for the animal’s passing.. After going through her own loss of her beloved animals, she knows how important and sacred this process is for both the human and the animal.  She is always honored to assist people with achieving closure and connecting with their beloved animals after they have crossed over rainbow bridge. It also helps to bring some peace and comfort to the human, to know there is till a deep connection with their beloved animal.. 

Growing up she thought maybe she would be a Veterinarian, but after much research, and volunteering one summer, this wasn’t her path. She found her path in 2006 when she started taking animal communication classes, and in 2008 enrolled in Ranquet’s Animal Mastery Program. She graduated from CWALU, as a Certified Animal Communicator and Certified Energy healer in early 2010. She was finally able to combine her passion with her purpose and create a career she genuinely loved.  In 2020, she came full circle and is now a faculty member  and teacher at Joan Ranquet’s Communication with All Life University (CWALU).  And she also teaches Beginning Animal Communication classes at her farm and local businesses, like Hotel Cassadaga. 

She continues to expand her knowledge and follow her passion for nutrition, and is a Certified Pet Nutrition Coach (CPNC). She completed numerous classes in Animal Nutrition and animal wellness, as well as CBD and Mushrooms for animals,  acupressure, healing touch level 1, crystals, and aromatherapy. She is also is Certified Health Coach, a vegan, and is Board Certified with the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. 

When she is not assisting humans and their animal companions, she can be found enjoying her dog, cats and the original 3 horses that started her on the path to Animal Communication. Sacred Acres is also blessed with amazing wildlife, such as eagles, hawks, owls, wild turkeys, ravens, wild boar, deer, rabbits, gopher tortoises, snakes, bobcats, dragonflies, fairies and more. (And her soulmate dog Titan, with his purple ball, are never far from her side.)  

What My Clients Say

I am so grateful for all my clients and blessed to do this work

This is Bella- Our American Bulldog that smiles at everyone she meets just so they can compliment her. She loves vet visits unlike any dog I’ve ever met, she sleeps more like a human,  she loves to sniff every flower pedal on her walks- she is one of a kind. As someone who never owned a pet and wasn’t around dogs enough to ever bond with one, a series of unexpected events brought her straight to our family. Fast forward 3 years, her curiosity, love of eating anything on the floor, and unpredictable allergic reactions were enough to put a hole in our wallet and our heart. Bella has now given us many scares- 3 life threatening visits to the ER and each time they were found to be unrelated but each time seemed to get harder. The most recent one occurred just a few weeks ago and we feared the worst but prayed for the best. In the waiting room Shannon’s name popped up in my head out of nowhere and I knew it had to be a sign and I didn’t know why how or what, but I knew it was a feeling I could not dismiss. Without hesitation, she immediately put everything aside and said she would help and it surprised me because I didn’t expect anything more then an insightful prayer. I didn’t give her any info besides my dogs name and her age. She has no history of knowing Bella and has never seen or talked to me at any point where I mentioned Bella as my pet or any of her health issues. I don’t know what happened next and I can’t even question it or try to understand because there was no logical explanation to know how she spiritually connected to Bella, but in that moment she gave us the comfort we needed. Without going into detail because it was a lot, she pinpointed all of her past health issues and said Bella would make it once again through this. She also advised us to have the vet look into a rare reaction she may have had to a poison and to ask the vet check her for specific less common health issues for future reference and helped us get answers we didn’t even know we needed. The value this experience provided me can’t be explained in words and the validation and overwhelming peace of mind it gave me was enough to share my story and personally recommend Shannon’s gift to anyone that is receptive. I am a huge advocate and think at some point we all need an uplift in spirituality and could use some comfort in dark times, it’s worth it. Bella thinks so too. 

Alyssa, FL

Shannon has the kindest, most loving energy. You can tell that she really loves this kind of work and has a beautiful, intuitive gift for communicating with our beloved animals. She did a reading for me over the phone for my 15 yrs old Pomeranian Bella. Not only was it off the charts accurate but it brought such love and light to my worried heart. Animals only speak energy and Shannon magnificently displays the art of tapping into the animal on all levels; mind, body and spirit. As an energy worker myself, I am very particular as to who I trust my energy, my pet’s energy and the energy of my client’s pets to and I will 100% call on Shannon every single time. She is a light and gift to this world. If you want a heartfelt, accurate reading for your animal, Shannon is your person. I absolutely love her and highly recommend her.

Linda Geer, FL

What an amazing session with Shannon! Spot on and so helpful with my concerns. She works from the heart and is full of compassion for both pet and human. I highly recommend her and her services.

Toni Jarrett, FL

Shannon is so intuitive. The guidance she gave us throughout the years on how to best help our puppies has been fantastic. It is so helpful knowing that when we need to understand what our pet is going through, we can get some helpful insight from not only a vet, but from Shannon too. She also helps you to connect with your dogs in a new deeper way. Shannon is amazing! I highly recommend her

Amy Stark, CO
Thank you so much Shannon!  We are home. Coco seems better, after our call.  I walked her around and let her visit with friends and strangers. She loves to visit.  
Then we went to the massage therapist and chiropractor.  Both agreed with your diagnosis and adjusted her.  
Kathi L, FL

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